Crystal convention center is your one stop for all event needs. The 5000 pax centralized AC Main hall with plush seating will help you host weddings, corporate parties, corporate events, family gatherings, formal and informal events etc. Crystal is located away from all city noises on the other hand giving you right access via all modes of transportation. The centralized air con system will always keep you and your guests comfortable throughout the event.

Our friendly service staff will help you organize and execute events hassle free. Talk to our event coordinator or manager for details. Crystal convention center is set up in an aqua marine theme which runs from the lobby area to buffet and main AC hall setting your events with a great mood. We offer services in setting up and changing designs or themes according to your events in main AC hall or beyond.

Quality and trust is our foundation. We believe in mahatma’s words about a customer and we strive to keep our promises and good quality service all day every day.